A Thought For Monday From Rabbi Barry
  (First Published as e-mail Nov 05, 2012)

When We Say “Thank You” in Hebrew


This simple Hebrew word means “Thank you!” in English.

The root of “todah” in Hebrew is a grammatically irregular root, consisting of the three letters Yod, Daled, Heh.

Of great interest to me has always been one of the basic meanings of this Hebrew root : To Acknowledge.

Thus, whenever we say “Todah” to one another in Hebrew, we really are giving our acknowledgement of the importance of the gift, help or friendship we have

To give thanks in Hebrew is really to recognize the very deep value of that which we have been given, and to be sure that the giver knows of our acknowledgment!

I hope that with the approach of our national day of giving thanks, our Hebrew language’s approach will bring even deeper meaning to our holiday. 

When we gather for our Thanksgiving meal, try sharing with each other our personal “acknowledgement” of the blessings in our lives. l believe this little custom can help each of us recognize, and give thanks, on a deep level, for the many gifts in our lives. 

Even more, looking within each day and acknowledging the blessings surrounding us can
make our lives all the more meaningful.

It’s in this spirit that I say “Todah” to each and every one of you in our Temple Sinai family for all of your most gracious love and friendship you have showered upon Linda and me!