Temple Sinai History


Sometime during the year 1879 when the present city of Lake Charles was a small village of five hundred people, two Jews migrated from Washington, LA. to that village and became the first Jewish residents of this city.  Those two were Leopold Kaufman and David Block. 

With the coming of those two men the Jewish community in Lake Charles came into existence.

The congregation of Temple Sinai originated in September, 1894 and celebrated its 100 year anniversary, November, 1994.  The members met for worship both at the Masonic Temple next door and Enterprise Hall at 300 Broad Street.

Temple Sinai was erected in 1904.  The onion domes on the original structure were blown off during the storm of 1918. The Temple celebrated 100 years with the rededication in October, 2004.  The synagogue was incorporated as Temple Sinai and its first Board of Trustees elected in 1907, Leopold Kauman being elected president.