What Do We Think About When We think About God? How Have Movies shaped our conversations about God?


Join Rabbi Brian Zimmerman for all or any part of a weekend long exploration about ideas and images of God in Judaism and in popular culture and how the two have shaped our own personal theologies.


Friday Night May 29th

Shabbat Service 6 PM 

A Week after Shavuot: How does God speak to us in the Bible?

Dutch Treat; Peking Gardens after services   Please RSVP to Diane by Wednesday 6:00 PM



Saturday May 30th 

Torah Study 10 AM All Ages welcome.

The Burning Bush, The Voice of God and Images of Moses in the Movies

Film can be a type of Midrash. If you were to film a movie about an event in the Torah, how would you direct it? What colors would you use? What would God sound like? Who would play the Biblical characters? How would you fill in the missing details? The episode at the Burning Bush leaves much unanswered. We will look at the scene as it is depicted in three movies and compare them to information provided in the Biblical text. All ages are welcome even if you have never attended Torah Study.



Saturday Night Deli Dinner, Movies and Conversation

5:30 PM

Modern American Films and the Voice of God


Join us for dinner and Havdallah followed by a program of movie clips and Jewish texts. Only one week after the Holiday of Shavuot, which celebrates the Revelation of Torah at Mount Sinai, we will study scenes from American films that offer diverse interpretations of encounters with God. We will examine religious moments in secular films as diverse as “The Blues Brothers,” and “The Truman Show.” Clips will be accompanied by comparable Jewish texts. What do we believe and how have we been affected by outside influences? When we say we do or do not believe in God, whose God is it?

Please RSVP to Diane by Wednesday 6:00 PM