Just Testin

2013-04-24 session 02

some link here

can link to an external url

to a document that we have uploaded to the site (

e-mail address

internally to a menu item on the site

PDF  goto icon that says “browse” on the link popup to browse the server where the files have been uploaded.





Image manager – we talked about this yesterday (he says)
((click “Insert/Edit Image” button bottom row, 6 from right-browse to image, click to insert)-can also create a link on the image-good practice to enter alternate text – should resize huge images to make the size reasonable (web-friendly) -set margins on image expecially if there will be text wrapping 10px margin recommended, border ??  – drag corners to resize maintaining ratio –


(<(  his edits didn’t get saved-he said maybe because he was editing in full screen mode )>)

(I think he forgot to save because the save buttons aren’t displayed while in full screen editor)

Test CtrlS -NO GOOD!, it tries to save it to my local computer! Bummer!

 he said “menu items” are the joomla equivalent of “pages”

 template manager / styles


 A1  A2  A3
 B1  B2


 border-style  none, dotted, dashed, solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset


 Page layout/style  Extensions>Template Manager