To all our Congregation and Friends of Temple Sinai,

Recently we realized the incredible appreciation and gratitude for
our Rabbi’s commitment to Lake Charles, our community and Temple
Sinai. Rabbi Barry and his family have been providing us Shabbat
services and Wednesday Words throughout the COVID “new” world. If
that was not enough, the week they were to move into their new home
in Lake Charles, Hurricane Laura lands. Their home is just now being
completed ahead of many other’s homes that were damaged.

They open their Baton Rouge home every Friday Night to provide us a
beautiful Shabbat Service with inspiration, love and personal
feelings. Their home in our living rooms! I am never sure who from
our membership (Congregants) are attending yet I know he has many
followers from all over the country every Shabbat. (We see them in
the Chat Room)

I ask all of you to join us on Friday nights and please reach out to
our loving Rabbi Barry, Linda and Amy to share with them what all
this effort means to you and your families. No doubt we will be
moving Shabbat services to Lake Charles, yet we appreciate so much
his dedication to our Jewish Community through these unprecedented

Shalom and the best to all of you,
Joel Davidson, President and Jan Davidson, Wife
Temple Sinai of Lake Charles, LA